Special needs bike program looking for volunteers

MARQUETTE — An event to help children with special needs learn how to travel on two wheels is coming to the area at the end of the month, but it needs your help.

iCan Bike was brought to the Marquette area in 2008 by parents in the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee.

The five–day camp focuses on gradually leading participants through the stages of training wheel removal throughout the week.

“The self–esteem of these kids, they come in kind of shy and timid about the whole experience, but the majority of them leave on there two wheels and their self–confidence. They’re now able to ride with their friends and family, they fit in, helps with their decision making, self–esteem and coordination.”

The program is anxiously seeking volunteers who can provide assistance to the new bikers. Volunteers would only need to dedicate 75 minutes a day.

“They’ll be matched on the first day with one of the riders, and they’ll work as a team, all week long, and watch their progress. They kind of create a bond and a trust between the rider and their helper. By the second and third day, the riders, as soon as they come through the door for their session, they’re looking for their helper.”

iCan Bike will be taking place at Lakeview Arena from June 20 through the 24.

For information on how you can volunteer, click here.