COPPER HARBOR — A historic resort in Keweenaw County is under new management and looking forward to better days. ABC 10’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen takes a look.

Nestled up in the hills of Copper Harbor is the grand jewel of the Keweenaw. The historic Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is poised to begin a new era as it works its way back from a deep financial hole with a revamped outlook on the future.

Guests arriving at the county–owned resort often find themselves in awe.

General Manager Debra Britz–Maier said, “You can look around here for hours and just see the pictures and look at the detail of things that they’ve done when they built the place and they care that they did to build it.”

The lodge was built in 1934 and is a well–balanced mix of modernized and rustic atmospheres. Guests can stay at any one of six hotel rooms or 26 cabins, and dine in an elegant yet comfortable restaurant.

The challenging 9–hole golf course will keep many guests happy, but there is no shortage of other things to do in and around Copper Harbor.

But no visit to the lodge is complete without sitting down to enjoy a fine meal in their completely overhauled restaurant.

Executive Chef Mike Porter said, “We take a fresh outlook to each and every day, and that’s something we’re incorporating into the menu this year—a lot of fresh and organic products; we’re using some products that we can retrieve and get locally.”
With so much to offer… the lodge’s best days could still be ahead.

Britz–Maier said, “To honestly see it become more like a mini–Jackson Hole; Big Sky Montana; Telluride, Colorado—for people to see what we have here, not just at the lodge but in Copper Harbor, too—and to know that if you want to go on vacation, then this is the place to come.”