MARQUETTE — A new app will keep Wildcat fans connected to their favorite teams.

A new app has been unveiled through Northern Michigan University’s athletic department. The app titled, ‘NMU Wildcats Front Row’ is used for fans to keep updated on current sport scores. The app was created by Presto-Sports in collaboration with Northern Michigan University. The app allows fans to receive notifications of sports updates and is customizable for each team.

“The Northern Michigan Front Row app is meant to connect our fans to our teams in a more instantaneous manner.” Said by Sports Information Director Jen Dobias, “it’s a great way for the fans to connect with the teams and to be able to get instantaneous updates and news.”

The app was designed in response to NMU’s new athletic website. This gives students and alumni the opportunity to keep up to date on all sports teams at NMU.

“We’re really excited to enroll it and give the fans that instant access that they might have been lacking before.” Said Dobias, “one of the nice things about the app is it’s very customizable, you can select your favorite teams.”

The app is available for any Wildcat fan and can be found for free in the app store.