Sadowski scheduled for motion hearing

MARQUETTE — An Ishpeming man granted a second trial after winning his appeal has a hearing set for next week in Marquette County Circuit Court.

According to Superior Law, PLLC, the hearing regarding the defendant’s motion to compel discovery and other related matters in the case of 45-year-old Jason Sadowski is set for June 7th. Sadowski was convicted last year of numerous felony counts, including solicitation of murder and torture.

The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Sadowski after he challenged that his confrontation rights were violated during the original trial, prompting a new trial to be scheduled for September.

Sadowski was arrested along with Charles Cope, 67 of Ishpeming, in June of 2013 for kidnapping and torturing two women inside of a karate dojo in Ishpeming. Cope’s appeal was denied by the court.

Sadowski is currently serving a 40 to 80 year prison sentence.