Courthouse holds event to inform public on rich history

MARQUETTE — The Marquette County courts came together today in honor of law day. Judges from three different courts spoke to the public about how their court systems work. Each judge went into specific detail about their daily duties and what kind of cases are typically brought into their court.

The judges also spoke about the rich history of the Marquette County Courthouse. The courthouse has been a backdrop for the academy award winning movie, Anatomy of a Murder and even has had a visit from President Theodore Roosevelt who filed for a libel case against the Ishpeming Iron Ore newspaper.

“This is the Marquette County Courthouse, it has such historical significance in our community, it’s just the crown jewel” said by Judge Karl Weber, “the purpose of today a lot is to educate the public on what our courts do and were going to talk about all three of our courts in Marquette County.”

The judges ended with discussing the Miranda warning and wanted the public to have a better understanding of the Marquette County’s courts.