MARQUETTE — Seniors at a local high school celebrated their last day of school in a unique way.

Just eight days separates the senior class of Marquette Senior High School and their entrance into the real world.

But while they’re all looking forward to the summer and beyond, the red-gowned crowd took a look back at where they got their start.

After walking the halls of the high school, the almost-graduates were full of smiles as they loaded onto buses for a walk-through of the four elementary schools in the area.

“They like to have that opportunity to be the rock stars, the celebrity figure in the school and be able to see the looks on the children’s faces of their younger siblings and friends and everything,” said MSHS Principal Jonathon Young.

The trip down memory lane started at Sandy Knoll with pit stops at Graveraet and Cherry Creek before ending at Superior Hills.

Young said that when the idea was introduced to the principals of the elementary schools, it was well received.

“Well it’s something that we talked about for a while; the idea of celebrating education, the idea of recognizing students and their accomplishments. So we really felt like this was a great opportunity for us to do that. And not only that, but to inspire our students.”

Graduation will take place at Lakeview Arena at 2 p.m. on June 5.