NMU graduate degree ranks high in affordability

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University’s largest graduate degree program is making ranks amongst some top schools.

The Master’s in Public Administration program ranked eleventh on a list of the most affordable online master’s degree programs in public administration.

Eighty-four accredited universities were evaluated for the list.

The MPA program has been 100 percent online since January of 2014.

“The MPA Program at NMU has what we would consider quality and affordability. Graduate education is definitely an investment in someone’s life and it’s the kind of thing that never depreciates, so it’s really exciting to have this ranking,” said MPA Program Coordinator Jennifer James-Mesloh.

The students in the program don’t partake in just reading and tests. Most of their curriculum comes from partnerships with government entities and non-profit organizations within the community.

In the past, students have helped with projects like creating a master recreation plan for Sault Ste. Marie.

“The program is 100 percent online and that’s good as well because you can be anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world,” James-Mesloh added. “One of our students who was working on the Sault Ste. Marie project was actually in the military at the time and was based overseas.”

Program participants can be found close to home, around the nation and even other countries.