New challenge on horizon for local 5th graders

MARQUETTE — Bothwell Middle School in Marquette held its 6th grade orientation today. The orientation is for 5th graders who will be coming to middle school in the fall. Bothwell’s program includes various different performances from the middle school students along with a tour of the school.

“We want them to come over and just see some of the things we have to offer.” Said Guidance Counselor Lesley Addison, “middle school offers some new and different, and exciting electives and we would like the to start seeing those so that again they imagine themselves becoming apart of that.”

This program helps with getting the students prepared and less nervous for middle school. The orientation left the 5th grade students excited to start in the Fall.

“What I’m enjoying right now is that I got to hear what I’m like expecting and like chorus and band and orchestra and all that.” Said by the soon to be 6th Grader Tiffany Ridolphi, “and it’s really cool and I’m excited to be here really.”

Although the sixth grade is a couple months away for these 5th graders, they are now ready to step up to the challenge.