New utility billing & payment policy confirmed

ISHPEMING — A new policy regarding utility billing and payments for Ishpeming residents has been confirmed.

An estimated $150,000 in delinquent payments inspired the new policy which will be implemented on July 11th. Residents normally have 25 days after they receive their bill to make a payment. If a payment is not made, the past due balance will be issued to the bill for the next month. From then they have another 25 days before the new policy effects them.

“If they don’t make that payment, we will issue a public notice of disconnect,” said Ishpeming City Manager Mark Slown, “which will be delivered to and posted on their address. Then they have 72 hours to come in and pay the full bill, the $50 charge for the disconnect, and after that if the bill still is still not paid they will be disconnected.”

Residents that pay their bill on time will not be impacted by the new policy. Slown added that a temporary two week extension along with a form for a hardship situation will become available, but they must be completed before the public notice of disconnect. A complete list of the rules will be sent to Ishpeming residents within the next few days. It will be available on the city’s website as well.