U.P. welcomes new U.S. citizens

MARQUETTE — Ten individuals are now officially U.S. citizens.

From gaining the ability to vote and eligibility for federal jobs, to just showing your patriotism, these are just some of the benefits that ten people now face after becoming U.S. citizens. The naturalization ceremony was held earlier today at the U.S. District Court Marquette. The new citizens come from a variety of countries such as the Philippines, Jamaica, Spain, and even Mexico.

“This process means a lot to them, and it’s the only thing that I do as a Judge that everyone goes away happy” said by Judge R. Allan Edgar. Taking the oath at this ceremony was the end of what was a long journey. Between learning English and taking a written exam on U.S. history and government, these new citizens are now experiencing a wave of relief.

“I’ve moved down here, I’ve been here for eight years, it’s a long ride but I’m happy I’m a U.S. citizen” said by new U.S. citizen Joan Concha.

“Just to thank everybody who has been able for this to happen because without other people this would not have been possible” said by Fransisco Gamez.

After speaking with the ten new U.S. citizens, the aspect that they’re all most excited about is being able to vote both locally and federal.