Marquette — Mining and logging aren’t the only major manufacturers in the Upper Peninsula.

With the help of the new exhibit at the Beaumier Heritage Center, the public can learn about other manufacturers right here in their own backyard. This exhibit is titled ‘Made in the UP, Eh’ and displays a variety of products that are made in the area, with some of them even reaching national recognition.

These exports that are produced in the U.P. range from clothing and food to snow shoes and automobile parts.

“These are all companies that make products in the Upper Peninsula that are sold outside of the U.P as well as in the U.P.” said Daniel Truckey, “so it’s kind of U.P. exports if you will and what we wanted to show is the diversity of manufacturing and products in the U.P. that are made.”

One of the more prevalent products in recent years has been food and beer. This exhibit gives outsiders that opportunity to understand the U.P.’s diverse heritage and learn of additional products that were created in the area. The exhibit will be on display until early September.