ISHPEMING — The outside transformation of an Upper Peninsula school continued today thanks to the efforts of a local farm.

Members of Partridge Creek Farm in Ishpeming spent the morning teaching twenty–five children at the Greenwood Early Child Education Center how to plant and grow vegetables. The students planted carrots, beans and peas.

The kids had a blast helping construct a new gardening bed and they got to play in a whole lot of dirt.

“It’s a nice experience for these kids to first plant, harvest and then munch away,” said Dan Perkins of Partridge Creek Farm.

“It’s an immediate gratification after a long, patient wait for them to mature. We will continue to build edible landscape at this location. Head Start has built an affiliation with us. They’ve opened up their kitchens and grounds to us. They were very engaged. Kids love playing in the dirt. It was just a nice project.”

Members of the farm will take care of the vegetables and recently planted apple trees this summer. The vegetables that were planted today will be available for students to eat when they come back to school in the fall.