Marquette — Renovations at the Marquette County Jail are now complete.

New cameras and door hinges are just the beginning of the recent renovations that have occurred at the Marquette County Jail. This is the first major renovation that the jail has endured since opening 40 years ago. The roughly 1.7 million dollar renovation has created some noticeable changes that will improve the safety of the inmates and jail staff.

“The cells are completely re–done in the max blocks and all the bars are taken out so they are less likely to hang themselves and it’s more secure now,” said Corporal Jamie Robillard. These doors are more efficient for the deputies due to their ability to open outwards, eliminating the possibility of an inmate barricading themselves within their cell. In addition to the doors, new high–definition cameras were installed throughout the cell blocks to enhance security for the jail staff. “Also the spot that is most noticeable is the control room cameras and the door panels,” added Robillard, “we can now track our deputies as they walk through the different blocks.”

The control room cameras assist with monitoring all individuals who are walking between cell blocks. These renovations could not have occurred without the assistance of several different city organizations coming together.

“The new renovation, well what it was is really we got to talk about the collaborative effort,” said Undersheriff Michael Klein, “between the county commissioners, the jail staff, county administrator, everybody and don’t forget the contractors. And the jail staff themselves to collaborate to come together to make improvements to our jail.”

The newly renovated jail currently holds over 70 inmates. Klein added that they are consistently looking for new ways to improve the jail and maintain a safe environment for all.