Live action role players bring fantastical world to U.P.

IRON RIVER — Summer is upon us and many of us are looking for fun in the sun. A new Iron County Group may have what you’re looking. ABC10’s Iron County Bureau reporter Jennifer Farley introduces us to a somewhat new fantastical world.

Many people often enjoy day–dreaming about a different time and place, to escape into a magical world of beauty, evil, laughter and skill. And I do believe I have found a wonderful group of people who do just that. Here in Iron County, they’re known as “LARPERS” which for us non–player types mean, Live action Role Players.

Garcia said, “You know we use to go out and play, cowboys and Indians and cops and robbers, you know, now we play, hero’s and goblins.”

They started the group in Iron County and a lot of kids and even some young adults have really gotten into the creativity of it all. They gather numerous times during the week to stay in touch and work on the routines and storylines for their next ‘larping’ event. Anyone fourteen and up can play.

Garcia added, “And there are avid “LARPERS” who are in their fifties. The customs that they make, the characters that they make, the back stories that they make, you know, these kids are really creative”

Game Master Royce Wayman enjoys spending time developing the story lines to the many different adventures the group has.
Royce says, “My favorite part as weird as it sounds, is I have fun when everyone else generally has fun.”

Reporting for ABC10 and the CW5, I’m Iron County Bureau Reporter, Jennifer Farley