Circus comes to town, but not without protest

It’s a tradition born in the 18th century, alive and well in 2016.

The circus is in town.

The difference between now and then; protests are more common.

Some believe circus animals across the country are mistreated.

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Before you do, here’s one opposing side of the story: The Shriner’s Circus is one of its biggest events of the year. And funds raised from the event go to an extremely important cause.

“We’re responsible for several hundred children in the Upper Peninsula,” explained Circus Chairman, Brian McEachern, “We use our funding, our mechanisms to send them to shrine hospitals for orthopedic care, burn care, etc. So this is our fund raiser to be able to provide that for kids in the Upper Peninsula.”

The children enjoyed a wide range of activities from face painting to interacting with the animals.

This was the last show in Marquette before the circus moves on to Escanaba and then ends Sault Ste. Marie.

What’s your opinion on the matter?

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