Life after high school; an endless array of options

HOUGHTON — The choices of what to do after high school can seem endless.

To help them sort it all out, GEAR UP has been working with students since the 7th grade.

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs is part of a national initiative to work with students so they’re better prepared to take the next step.

Over 350 students from eight schools in the Western U.P. attended the event on the campus of Michigan Tech.

MTU Center for Pre–College Outreach Coordinator Liz Fujita said, “There’s a lot of information out there, and so giving it to them a little earlier—rather than cramming it all into their brains at the very last minute, we hope will be helpful so they can kind of process through that.”

Topics included how to apply for college and how to get financial aid…information useful for all students…even those not destined for a four–year degree.

Fujita said, “GEAR UP is actually not a program just for people going for four–year college. We talk a lot about community college, an apprenticeship and some of the programs that other institutions, where you can certified to do whatever career floats your boat.”

Though with an average starting salary of about $64,000 a year, a degree from Michigan Tech could help you float a very nice boat.