Museum showcases artifacts and relics of ancestors

IRON RIVER — Through the power of our imagination we can see and sometimes feel beyond our immediate experiences. ABC 10’s Iron County Bureau reporter Jennifer Farley helps us to expand our minds and remember a time not too long ago.

Many of us lead busy lives, but it’s here, at the Iron County Museum that we can all take a step back into history. For 12 now, Managing Museum Director, Michelle Blood has spent her time with the relics of our ancestors, she enjoys the vast variety of artifacts as well as roaming the halls of history.

“There’s plenty to see, there’s much more than you would expect to see. We have twenty–six buildings, which includes the main build and there’s just so much in the main building. You don’t realize how much is here, until you’ve actually gone through.” Said Managing Museum Director Michelle Blood.

Administrative Museum Director Bernadette Coates is in awe of all of the art work displayed at the museum. And is excited by the growing numbers of members to the Historic Museum Society.

Bernadette said, “It just amazing me at the art that we have here.”

Established in 1968, one of the driving forces behind the Museum were two very special people, Harold and Marcia Bernhardt. Although Harold passed away recently, Marcia is very much still a part of the Museum.

Bernadette explains, “Mrs. Bernhardt is still active here, she still makes our monthly meetings and has her input.”
This Saturday, May 14 th at nine a.m. the museum is having a cleanup day for anyone looking to help get the season started for the loads of school bus children on their way, this May.

Reporting for ABC10 and the CW5, I’m Iron County Bureau Reporter, Jennifer Farley.