Local cookout helps raise funds to get pets spayed, neutered, and vaccinated

IRON RIVER — Animals mean the world to most people. And taking care of your dog or cat can be a challenge for some. In Iron River, the opportunity to help animals is knocking and the community has answered. ABC 10’s Iron County Bureau reporter Jennifer Farley opens the door to help shed light on our furry friends.

“We’re able to pay for spaying and neutering, and vaccinations for our pets, emergency medical services.” Said Terri Maki Fundraising Coordinator.

They plan on having more cookout events throughout the summer. They are looking forward to their Spay– getti no meatball dinner. Which is what they use for paying and neutering shelter pets and to help people in the community.

Maki added, “we have an emergency medical fund, and a spay and neuter program. Jubilee has been kind to offer to let us do this cook out with them. Jubilee has been kind enough to let us do this cook out here with them.”

They are looking forward to all the outdoor events coming up.

Maki said, “This year we are going to have out golf tournament again, that’s going to be in August. We going to have a ‘furry–scurry’ pet walk this year, so that’s going to be something new.”

Terri Maki says that they try to have a variety of events to encourage more new comers. Jeff Offdahl Store Manager for Jubilee, looks forward to being a part of the different events that Jubilee can support.

Jeff Offdahl Jubilee store manager said, “Promote a family atmosphere, community involvement, things like that.”
If you’re looking to get involved with all of our furry friends, you can stop by and visit the shelter on Sheldon Road in Iron River.