L’ANSE — The L’Anse Warden Power-plant has been under heavy scrutiny.

Residents of L’Anse have reported odors and dust coming from the power plant. And several of these concerned citizens appeared in public today to have their questions heard by the EPA regarding the issue.

“A lot of us are concerned,” said local man, John Hendrickson, “There’s a lot of misinformation being spread about and we’d really like to find out what’s going on here.”

Stack testing shows the plant is emitting hydrogen chloride, or HCL, at 5.1 pounds per hour. It is only permitted to stay below 2.17 pounds per hour.

Once the Michigan Department of Environment Quality got notice of this information, they issued a violation notice to the company.

EPA Scientist, Molly Smith said to the public, “This permit limit was actually set by MDEQ to be under ten percent of the state toxic level. So even though the facility is showing non–compliance here, we don’t have any substantial concerns for human health because this was a very protective limit that was already set.”

The MDEQ and EPA were also able to collect evidence to show dust fallout along 4th Street.

Each of the samples were taken in an area close to the facility.

The dust samples in two of the locations were found to have Pentachlorophenol or PCP – a compound used as a pesticide and a disinfectant.

On April first, the EPA put out a request for more stack testing to determine the rates at which the chemicals are coming out.
Once they have this information, a health assessment can be given.

The EPA cannot release details on what’s being discussed in the settlement talks, but they did hold the meeting to release this important information to the public.