80 students celebrate graduation day at Finlandia University

HANCOCK — The latest class in blue and white are ready to begin their careers.

Finlandia University held their Commencement Ceremony on Sunday. Student Representative Shelby Winter graduated from the International School of Art and Design with a Studio Arts – Illustration degree.

In her speech, she stressed that now that they have graduated college, the hard part begins. Winter said, “I want my graduating class to know that the journey isn’t over, that life just gets more challenging and that all the things that we’ve learned here at Finlandia will prepare us for the challenges and the awesome things that we’re going to face.”

Finlandia Board of Trustees member Sarah Kemppainen gave the commencement address. She urged the graduates to use everything they learned during these last few years.

Kemppainen said, “It’s grounded in academic excellence, spiritual growth and service to others. And I want them to carry that them as life will present with them challenges and choices and I want them to delight in all that comes to them through their lifetime, knowing the foundation has been grounded with Finlandia.”

There were over 80 graduates in Finlandia’s Class of 2016.