Public's ideas for usage of hospital heard

The new U.P. Health System – Marquette hospital is still in the early stages of construction. But already, public discussion is underway in regards to what should be done with the current facilities when the move is complete.

Before tonight’s public forum in the hospital’s east entrance, officials weren’t sure just how many would show up to take part in the discussion.

As it turned out, almost every seat was filled with citizens prepared to pitch their ideas.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to meet with the community this evening to talk about the ideas that the community has for the future of this facility here at U.P. Health System Marquette,” said UPHS Board Chairman, Judy Watson-Olson, “Because we will be building our new hospital and starting it in just a couple of months, it’s time for us to now have a chance to stop and listen to the community and hear the ideas they may have.”

While the May 2nd public forum was the first official solicitation for public input, it won’t be the last.

Watson–Olson says that though nothing is scheduled yet, this is not the last time a public forum on the matter will take place.

The new facilities will be completed in 2018.