Polka for painters

ISHPEMING — Many individuals listen to music to help themselves calm down after a hard day, or get pumped up to exercise. Earlier on Thursday visitors at the Ishpeming Senior Center had some live music to motivate their artists.

Norman’s Trio, based out of Michigamme has been playing at the Ishpeming Senior Citizens Center since the end of last year. The group consists of two accordion players and a drummer playing polka, Finnish favorites, and other upbeat tunes. The artists enjoy the music while executing their crafts, and take a little dance break now and then.

“Everyone loves it,” said Center Director Elyse Bertucci, “from the art class to the people who come here for the congregate meal. They’re lively, they make everybody happy. We just like the guys. After they get done they visit. They’re a funny group of guys. They’re very entertaining in many different ways.”

Norman’s Trio can be found at a number of other centers as well. They are at the Ishpeming Senior Center every Thursday from 10:30 until noon.

For more information you can call the center at 906-485-5527

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