MARQUETTE — Eighth grade students from Bothwell Middle School got an exclusive behind the scenes look of an ongoing construction project Thursday morning.

The students visited the Stay Bridge Hotel construction site at the corner of Lincoln and Washington in Marquette. Students got to see first–hand how a construction site works.

One soon to be high school student was very impressed with the tour. He plans on going into skilled trades once he graduates from high school.

“I didn’t expect it to be so detailed on the inside on the interior of the construction site is way more complicated than what it really looks,” said Bothwell Middle School student Thomas Rama.

“My whole family has been involved in construction and have done a lot of projects in construction with construction out in the areas of Escanaba and Gladstone,” Rama added.

“There’s an opportunity for all of these young men and women to join the construction trades and the construction management sector if that’s the way they want to go,” said Peter Dupuis, project manager.

Students spent about an hour touring the future hotel site, which is scheduled to be completed this fall.