LANSING — The Natural Resources Commission approved an expansion on a hunting season for a furbearer.

A change in regulation to coyote hunting season came earlier this month at the commission’s monthly meeting. Coyote hunting is now year–round during both daylight and nighttime hours.

In addition to season changes, new hunting methods were also approved. This includes three and four buckshot, artificial lights and predator calls.

Dogs can be used as well except between April 16th and July 7th. While hunting rules have changed, trapping rules remain the same.

The change in the parameters of the season was sparked by increased complaints by the public.

“It’s felt that by expanding the season and the availability of hunting opportunities for people, that might decrease some of the complaints,” said Deputy Public Information Office John Pepin. “They don’t anticipate a large expansion of hunters and so they don’t think that it would largely effect the population biologically or the sport economically,” he added.

A focus on predators has increased recently as a noticeable trend in decreased deer population has been prominent. Hunters hope that by expanding coyote season, the deer population will rise.

Michigan residents need a base license and non–residents need both a base license as well as a valid fur harvester license in order to hunt coyotes. The rules were immediately put into effect.