MARQUETTE — The ABC 10 Sam versus Food Challenge kicked off this past weekend in Marquette with a local favorite: Dia de los Tacos.

The popular taco truck was at Blackrocks Brewery on Saturday, serving up their brand of Mexican–style cuisine. ABC 10’s Sam Ali was attempting to break the record for most tacos eaten at one sitting, which was twelve. He had four types to choose from and he went with one that had a special story behind it.

“The Colleen is the chicken taco and that was named for my mother. She is the type of person that just walks in and says “I want this, this and this”. She doesn’t look at a menu or anything. She starts saying what she wanted. So I was like I’m going to create the thing that I think she would like the most and so that one’s named for her,” said Walker.

The challenge was live streamed on Facebook, where Dia de los Tacos does the vast majority of their marketing. Walker says the taco truck industry would be dead without social media.

“People loyally check our Facebook page, Twitter feed and Instagram. We post every day where we are, even though we’re at the same spot every Friday night. But just as a reminder, in your face. The community’s been incredible and super behind us since day one,” Walker said.

If you would like to see if Sam completed his challenge, head to our ABC 10 U.P. Facebook page to see the full video.