MARQUETTE — A former Marquette City Manger has entered the race for the Marquette County Board.

Marquette’s Bill Vajda is running as an independent for commission district three. The position is responsible for pulling everything together in Marquette County from cities to townships, and everywhere in–between.

Vajda says he has been in or around government for over thirty years. That includes international, national, and local government as well.

“I understand how government works,” said Marquette County Commission Candidate Bill Vajda, “I understand the difference between administrating a government and making policy to lead a community. I’m very interested in taking on the role of policy–maker so that we can put leadership in place that is going to deliver the kind of success that our community deserves.”

Since Vajda is running as an independent, he will not have to run in the August partisan primary. In an attempt to reach out to the community, Vajda says he will have a social media presence in the near future, along with public forums and door–to–door visits.

Vajda’s last day as Marquette City Manager was on October 5th last year.