County Road Association has new U.P. resident President

MARQUETTE — The County Road Association has a new president, with a familiar face to U.P. residents.

Marquette County Road Commission’s Jim Iwanicki previously served as vice president on the board before recently becoming president.

The CRA represents all 83 counties throughout the state. Even though each county is different, they all have the same goals in mind. The president chairs the board that helps to achieve those goals.

“I thought I could offer some leadership in that role and that some other counties could benefit from our experiences up here,” said MCRC Engineer Manager Jim Iwanicki, “having the presidency of the County Road Association is a honor. It’s good to know that the other 82 county road agencies think enough of you that they would put you in that position.”

Iwanicki graduated from Michigan Tech in 1989. He began with the Marquette County Road Commission in 1998 as the head of the engineering department and became engineer manager in 2003.

Iwanicki’s term as president for the CRA began at the beginning of the month and will last until March next year.