UPSET removes meth waste from two sites

DELTA COUNTY — Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team Detectives have been hard at work in Delta County.

Detectives discovered two meth labs…

The first in Gladstone yesterday on North 17th street near the ski hill. A pedestrian initially reported it to Gladstone Public Safety after coming across the dump site. Certified meth responders from UPSET arrived on the scene and removed seven buckets of hazardous waste…

The second meth lab dumpsite was discovered today on 48th street in Escanaba. Escanaba Public Safety responded to the scene until meth responders from UPSET arrived. The responders removed five buckets of hazardous waste from that scene.

No arrests have been made at this time and the investigation remains ongoing.

UPSET does accept anonymous tips online. If you have any tips or further information click here.