MARQUETTE — A popular outdoor program hosted by the DNR is filled to capacity.

The Becoming an Outdoors Woman program is in it’s eighteenth year of offering different types of outdoor skills to women that they may not otherwise be able to learn.

Women will spend the first weekend in June at Bay Cliff Health Camp participating in several of the 25 classes being offered. These classes include fire arm safety, kayaking, hiking, wilderness first aid and archery.

The program, which was originally created to help women break down barriers, has a positive affect on all involved.

“Some people have really stepped out of their comfort zones and some of them have been brought to tears because they’ve just enjoyed it so much and it’s always such a good thing to see,” said UP BOW instructor Sharon Pitz.

“A couple of our instructors have even broken down because they’re really put their all into the program. They also enjoy helping these women learn different skills and I think that is an awesome feeling for all of us.”

The program filled up in less than 48 hours with over 100 people interested. Several women were placed on a waiting list.

For more information about the program or how to be added to the wait list, visit the DNR’s website.