MARQUETTE — A unique event was held Wednesday morning at Northern Michigan University in hopes of raising awareness about the damaging impact of stereotypes.


Passersby to the “Remove the Label” display at Jamrich Hall were encouraged to tear off Post-It notes as a symbolic rejection of the derogatory remarks inscribed on each one. Organizers say today’s event was part of an ongoing campaign to help fight issues like racism and homophobia.

“I think that this is going to be a positive and reaffirming type of statement, because you actually get to be physically involved,” said Shirley Brozzo, Associate Director of the Multicultural Education and Resource Center on NMU’s campus. “Hopefully, somebody will come and remove those labels, remove that hurtfulness, and see past what our labels are, and see that we’re just everyday people — that we’re kind people, that we’re mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers.”

“Remove the Label” was inspired by a diversity campaign at another school that featured posters of minority students ripping up photos of their stereotypes. Organizers say the interactive element was added for today’s display to help empower participants.

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