MARQUETTE — Busy day for the Marquette Board of Light and Power, as a slew of topics were discussed at today’s board meeting.

Including a major update on a major project. The bidding process for the civil, mechanical, and electrical work needed to build the Marquette Energy Center is getting closer to completion.

BLP Executive Director Paul Kitti says, “We’ve narrowed it down to six major companies that have bid competitively for this project. Tonight, we’re going to talk about site preparation, soil compaction, and the steps involved with that.”

The board hopes to have a bid selected within the next couple of weeks. The other part of the meeting involved the review of the bonding process.

“We were bonding out 67.4 million for this Marquette energy project,” Kitti added, “and it was over–subscribed to the tune of 355 million dollars. So there was a lot of competition for the bonds out there.”

The board will be closing the bonds on May 12th.