Supporters create hype video for Lakeview Arena

MARQUETTE — This past weekend, it was announced that Lakeview Arena made it into the top four in the Kraft Hockeyville USA competition. A strong push on social media enabled Lakeview to reach the next round of voting and organizers are very happy with the community’s support.

“We defintely rallied together last week. I’m really proud of this community. We did a great job in coming around this building. it’s just a fantastic thing to see, not only the hockey community, but everyone who really stands behind Marquette. We’re having everyone from downstate, Northern Michigan, really coming together and supporting us,” Marquette Parks & Recreation Coordinator Andrew MacIver said.

Organizers spent the weekend shooting a hype video to continue to promote the next round of voting. They knew they had their work cut out for them so the idea needed to be something much bigger.

“When this came up, it was more of just what else can we do besides the button–mashing. What will makes this go the rest of the way to be really insightful and help out. And hype video just did it. I wrote the script up and kind of had an idea. I talked to Tony with LaDolce Video and he nailed it and was in and we went from there,” Lakeview Arena advocate Brice Burge said.

“Well we got a lot of passionate people here in the community and they’re really excited about this. It’s a really great thing that Hockeyville really is bringing us together and some people are coming together here to put together a little video for this. It’s just going to be an exciting thing for us to get out and help us promote this,” said MacIver.

Voting starts tonight at midnight and ends Wednesday night at 11:59. Voting can be done in two ways: you can text the word “Lakeview” to 35350 or click here for their website. You can vote 50 times per day on either platform.