MARQUETTE — For the past couple of weeks graduate students from Northern Michigan University have presented different topics on exercise and physical health to the public.

Grad students like, Andrew Ernst, were assigned to present one topic for their final project before graduation. The topics varied each week, since the students could choose what ever topic they like.

Ernst lead the final presentation tonight on The Effect of Stretching on Performance Variables.

“So I’m going to be talking about stretching’s effects on range of motion, vertical jump height, and max strength,” Ernst says, “and so some of the aspects dealing with range of motion can help with the injury rehab and injury prevention, but most of my talk is going to focus on actual performance enhancements and the best form of stretching to use either before or after exercise.”

Ernst added that this is a great way to practice public speaking and research techniques – skills that are useful in his field.

This seminar series is held every year at NMU around this time, so if you missed any of the presentations this time around be sure to check them out in the future.