Students team up for Global Youth Service Day

ISHPEMING — Several wheel barrels and shovels were put to use today, as the youth of Michigan united with hopes of making an impact in their communities.

Global Youth Service Day takes place between April 15th and April 17th; so those wheel barrels and shovels will make appearances again this weekend, too. The volunteers used the equipment to complete a special task for Partridge Creek Farms.

Partridge Creek Farms manager, Raymond Bush said, “We’ve got a $350 grant for equipment to clean up the site and get it ready for spring.”

The farm’s mission is to create an environment where everyone has access to affordable, delicious, and nutritious food options. The gritty efforts of the volunteers plays an unprecedented role in inching closer to that goal.

“It is tough work,” Bush added, “it gives them a sense of accomplishment to see what it looks like when it’s all done.”

A total of 23 Global Youth Service Day projects will engage two thousand youth volunteers in close to 410,000 volunteer hours.