MARQUETTE — A complicated three–year journey reached a milestone point today, as a construction plan was revealed for Clark Park in downtown Marquette.

The Lambros family purchased the property some time ago. Four years back, the late Clark Lambros came up with the idea to convert the property into a park in memory of his son, Clark Jr.

“We’re here to announce that we have completed the sale with the city of Marquette through the DNR Trust Fund,” said Michelle Butler, a Clark Park advocate, “and we are in the process of being able to announce that we’re going to start construction on the Lambros Beach Park.”

Butler added that families would be able to enjoy a beach house, restrooms, picnic tables, as well as several other amenities. The biggest part of the bid process is that the family was able to complete both phase one and phase two of the plan.

The announcement ended with the family breaking ground on the property.