MARQUETTE — Those who care for others learned some lessons about caring for themselves at a gathering in Marquette Friday morning.

The theme of this year’s Upper Peninsula Children’s Coalition annual conference was “Self–care for the Human Services Professional.” Workers from a range of services — including child welfare and mental health — heard tips and techniques for how to keep themselves from burning out.

“We want to just make sure that the professionals do pay attention to themselves, and that they provide themselves with an opportunity to kind of recharge and have the ability to move forward,” said conference co–chair Sandy Sheltrow.

“It’s really important to remind them that you have to be the best ‘you’ you can be before you can be strength or a bridge to someone else, because you can’t give away something you don’t have,” said keynote speaker Randall Turner, PhD.

Attendees got information regarding the life–changing legacy their work leaves behind as well as how humor can be used in the workplace. The UPCC also took the conference as an opportunity to award individuals who have made significant contributions to child and family welfare.