MARQUETTE — As nature comes alive so does the campus of Northern Michigan University. One way to celebrate the beginning of spring is a night out at NMU this weekend for the Dance Department’s Spring Concert.

This is the first time that the dance concert does not have an overall story to tell.

Some of the pieces have a story or message to tell, though, like one contemporary number that brings awareness to sexual assault.

NMU Senior Jimme–Lynn Gatz says, “I think that it’s something that needs to be brought up, it’s something that needs to be talked about, and so raising awareness in a creative way, I think, is a different and maybe not so direct way of talking about the subject, but it makes people think about the subject.”

On the other hand some pieces don’t have a specific story to tell or message to share.

NMU Junior Jill Vermeulen says, “Since I’m in a piece that doesn’t have a story, I think that the goal of the piece in part is just to evoke a sense of a felling of happiness and a feeling of being content, and just having that singular focus of sharing this beautiful choreography with an audience.”

The concert that will feature both students and faculty is this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $3 for students and $5 for the general public. It is encouraged to purchase tickets in advance.

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