Colorful post-parenthood journey for local mom

MARQUETTE — For most, life after raising kids means settling down into retirement. But for one former stay–at–home–mom, the past year has been taken up by an entirely different challenge.

Tami Blotter is the owner of Yoop–Phoria, a modern frozen yogurt store in Marquette. And as the business celebrates its two year anniversary this week, she took the time to reflect on her latest journey.

“I have six children,” said Blotter, “my youngest one is seventeen, so I needed something to do!”

Though Tami faces the challenge of running the store’s day–to–day operations, the creativity behind it is a family affair.

“My kids that are away at college are involved. My one son runs my web–page; my other son helps me do all the graphics.”

The family had a strong hand in the ideas behind this week’s anniversary celebration; which includes a selfie contest. With the prospective winner earning a free pint a month for an entire year.