Local Catholic schools continue without common core

MARQUETTE — For the last two years, several schools here in the Upper Peninsula have been trying something a little different when it comes to their students’ education.

All nine schools within the Catholic Diocese have spent the last two years developing classes not associated with the common core method of teaching.

The diocese decided to go with what’s being called a ‘traditional education’ system. Teachers, students and parents have responded positively about the changes.

“We’re kind of going back to meat and potatoes,” said Mark Salisbury, Director of Education. “We are going to reintroduce Latin in all of our schools. Why do you do that? Well you do that because it helps the students with their English skills, better comprehension of grammar and their mastery of it, better knowledge and mastery of vocabulary and better in critical thinking.”

The diocese plans on making any changes to the curriculum one class at a time.

“Language Arts, math and religion are the core our core of our schools, so let’s focus on improving those subjects first and then we can expand to social studies, science, fine arts and the others.”

Salisbury added that the schools are also working on ways to improve students’ grammar.