Commissioners approve tax exemption for hospital

MARQUETTE — The Marquette City Commission had a full agenda this evening with topics including the new hospital, bond proposals and community recognition.

Towards the top of the agenda was a public hearing on a commercial facilities tax exemption for Duke Life Point, LLC regarding the new hospital. Those in favor say this arrangement would help the building of the hospital and keep it here in Marquette.

Some questioned the tax exemption because they are worried about the future of the city.

Marquette Resident Brian Kerrigan said during public comment, “We need to be mindful of regular and constant incoming value to keep our public services as needed and not to diminish the those or diminish our quality of life here in Marquette.”

Commissioner Sara Cambensy, who voted “no” on the tax exemption, said “They want the best possible deal, but I really don’t think that we, as a city – and I think the best way to do it is to involve the community more, so that their voices are heard – we didn’t do a good enough job negotiating, so I will be voting ‘no’ on this.”

The motion passed four to one.

More information came forward tonight on Marquette Area public schools bond proposal, too. The bond would be a continuation of the current bond at 1.5 mils for the next three years in the hopes the intention of decreasing it every year after that like they have done in the past. The bond would allow the school to upgrade and expand it’s facilities for the growing district.

On a lighter note, the U–19 Marquette mBank Girls Hockey Team was recognized for their hard work this season and winning the state championship.