Man receives prison sentence for robbing a gas station

MARQUETTE — Twenty–seven year old Anthony Gonzalez was given three to fifteen years in prison by Marquette County Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi.

Gonzalez robbed a Marquette gas station on January 25th while on parole for a different crime. In addition to his sentence, Gonzalez gave himself a punishment as well.

“I am going to serve my debt to society in the Michigan Department of Corrections but upon my release I will be paroled into Marquette County,” said Gonzalez. “Upon that time, I’ve committed to myself to do 500 hours of community service with local businesses and things around here. This is nothing recommended nor suggested by anybody else, this is something that I personally decided to do to repay my debt to the community.”

Gonzalez was not eligible for time served credit towards his sentence due to his parole violation.