Local business: 70 years and still bowling

LAURIUM — Seventy years old and still bowling. ABC Ten’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen has this story on a hometown favorite.

Businesses in the Keweenaw have come and gone over the last seven decades…but one local spot is going strong. Established in 1946, Miller’s Lanes in Laurium is the oldest bowling alley in the Copper Country still operating. Originally six lanes with pins set by hand, the bowling alley grew to eight lanes and added a concourse. Started by Margaret and Ben Miller, the business has remained in the family and in the hearts of the residents.

Miller’s Recreation, Inc. Co-Owner Loralee Miller said, “All the time, I have people come in from out of town and tell me stories of how their grandparents bowled here, their parents bowled here. I have current bowlers that tell me stories about that, too, as well as bowlers that are in their eighties and they remember the heyday with my grandparents back in the 50’s and 60’s and bowling.”

To celebrate their 70th anniversary, Miller’s is hosting a special event this Saturday evening with live music and of course…bowling.

Details can be found on their Facebook page. If can’t make it to the party, stop in anytime. After all these years, Miller’s Lanes isn’t going anywhere.

Miller said, “You know that Miller’s is here, so when you come back to visit, we’ll be here to greet you and to serve you a beer and have you bowl a game of bowling.”