Photo Courtesy of Adam Dorn Photography

CHAMPION — The Michigan Department of Natural Resources would like you to celebrate the night sky at Michigan state parks during International Dark Sky Week.

From April 4th-10th, a number of state parks will be open for self–guided stargazing and views of the night sky.

International Dark Sky Week aims to allow viewers to see the wonders of the night sky without the effects of light pollution. Even though many areas of the U.P. have recently had snowfall, Van Riper State Park Supervisor Doug Barry says that it will add to the intimacy of the experience.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for folks to come out here during the winter months,” said Van Riper State Park Supervisor Doug Barry, “to get a really quiet night; especially with the fresh snow on the ground, it absorbs a lot of the noise and it’ll be really quiet. To be able to look up into the sky and see all of those billions of stars in a quiet setting; it might be quite magical.”

Fayette Historic State Park and Tahquamenon Falls State Park will be participating along with others in the lower peninsula. To learn more about this international event during Global Astronomy Month, click here.