Two Yoopers married at a taco truck

MARQUETTE — Keith Glendon and Clair MacGregor were married today in a gas station parking lot in Marquette in front of their favorite taco truck, Dia De Los Tacos.

They said they had been struggling with wedding planning, many venues were booked and they had difficulty pinning down a date. “Then we realized that, really, we just wanted a simple, quick, fun and memorable way to make our partnership legal,” said the groom, Keith Glendon. “We thought of our good friend Mike Walker – both an ordained reverend and a taco chef. We realized it didn’t need to be a big, complicated event. We love one another. We love tacos.”

What’s better than love and tacos?

Glendon said they will still have a somewhat more traditional wedding honoring ceremony with friends and family at some point, but they were ready to get married. “Today was a great day for it…. and it all worked out.”

He added, “We also really love tacos.”

The extent of the quick ceremony, after a brief intro by the Reverend in a nod to Prince was, “We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life… Do you both promise to fly side by side, fight back to back, and Love with abandon through the journeys, the challenges and the joys of the days of your lives together?”

They each said, “I do.”

Congratulations Keith and Clair! Here are some more pictures of their special day.

Taco 3

Taco 5

Taco Wedding 2