MARQUETTE — The weather was a little gray Wednesday, but some students at NMU were preparing themselves to shine.

The second annual Professionalism Day took place at the University Center on Northern’s campus to help prepare juniors for their senior year. While this a huge milestone for all upcoming seniors, those in the social work program have a little extra stress in dealing with their four hundred hour internship.

Professionalism Day is held with the objective of refining professional skills before they enter the workforce in the fall.

“I really love my internship at Great Lakes Recovery. I’m at adult residential and I’ve learned a lot. It’s been very beneficial and I think having the opportunity to go into a field placement before you’re officially out there practicing as a professional is huge and it teaches you a lot because you get to apply everything you’ve learned in the last three years.”

Other intern areas include the Department of Human Services, Lake Superior Hospice, U.P. Family Solutions and the V.A. Professionalism Day was put together by the junior method course professors as well as some of the senior students.

A grant written by one of the seniors provided funding for the event.