ESCANABA — With graduation ceremonies just around the corner, one Upper Peninsula institution of higher learning is once again selecting a commencement speaker in a different fashion than most places do.

Bay College in Escanaba is holding a contest to select a commencement speaker. Graduating students need to submit a speech that’s between three and five minutes long and geared towards a general audience.

The winner will $75 and the opportunity to speak at commencement on Saturday, May 7th.

“This is a skill that many people underestimate how often they’ll use it; public speaking and the ability to speak in front of a group,” said Dave McGinnis, Speech & Theatre Instructor at Bay College.

“A lot of people have forgotten how important it is to be able to do that and what kind of advancements are possible when one has the ability to do that,” McGinnis added. “In many instances the ability to deliver your idea to a group means even more than the quality of the original idea.”

You can submit a speech to Dave McGinnis by e-mail at or you call him at (906) 217-4028 if you have any questions.

Students have until Tuesday, April 5th to submit their speeches. The winner of the contest will be recognized at an awards dinner on April 27th.