Effort continues to replace old light bulbs

CALUMET — An effort continues in Houghton County to replace old light bulbs with new LED ones.

With each light bulb swapped, the Copper Country is becoming more energy efficient. The Houghton Energy Efficiency Team (HEET) is helping to make that happen with the first of two Great LED Light Bulb Swaps held Saturday in Calumet. The first 100 households were able to swap out one incandescent bulb for a new more energy efficient LED one. Visitors could then buy another half dozen more LED bulbs for a good price.

HEET Energy Manager Melissa Davis said, “We brought some resources to the area so that people could buy six LED’s for $10, and a way to get people through the door is to give them a free LED if they brought in an old incandescent.”

Incandescent bulbs use more energy; a lot of which is lost in the form of heat. Even changing just one bulb in your house can help, and the more you change the more you save.

Davis said, “Generally, if it’s a 60 watt bulb, the LED’s use 8 watts, so there’s 52 watts right there. That’ll show up on your bill a little bit, but if you change out a number of them, your bill—you’ll see it go down.”

The next Great LED Light Bulb Swap will be held April 23rd at the Lakeshore Center in Houghton.