Enbridge asked to rewrite documents for Line 5 studies

LANSING — Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and the other members of the Michigan Pipeline Safety Advisory Board recently asked Enbridge Energy to do a rewrite.

Enbridge provided information surrounding the Mackinac Straits Line 5 Pipelines in a read–only web portal format that makes it difficult for the Pipeline Safety Advisory Board to use. In a letter to Enbridge, Schuette and the parties involved asked the company to provide the documents in an unrestricted searchable format that can be organized to best serve the needs of the Pipeline Safety Advisory Board.

The information is supposed to help the board research independent risk and alternatives analysis studies of the pipeline.

The letter was sent on March 11th and gives Enbridge Energy until April 11th to respond with the requested information. The next regular meeting of the Michigan Pipeline Safety Advisory Board scheduled for June 13th.