NMU Student takes on prestigious public relations role

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University may be far from any major cities, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t produce some truly successful students.

Emma Finkbeiner is a fine example of that. Finkbeiner has been an active member of the Public Relations Student Society of America since 2013. She’s held many positions in the organization, from Chapter President to Publications Editor. Recently, she was elected to an even more prestigious seat.

“I decided about halfway through my term as Publications Editor in Chief that I was really passionate still about PRSSA and wanted to continue to serve on the committee. I did my speech, did the Q&A session, went through all of the requirements and I was elected, I was chosen by the delegation in Austin, Texas to be the incoming National President, which I’m absolutely thrilled about,” said Finkbeiner

Finkbeiner is the second national president in four years with ties to Northern. She was chosen by over 120 delegates to take on the new role.

“It feels wonderful because it feels like it validates the work that I’ve done this year as Publications Editor, and then show how those skills really qualify me to be the next national president,” Finkbeiner added, “It’s kind of surreal still at this point because I have a few months left in my Editor position. So, I think it will really hit me in June when I lead my new committee in our leadership retreat.”

Finkbeiner will graduate from Northern Michigan University in May. After that, she’ll be attending DePaul University’s Master’s of Public Relations and Advertising Program.