ISHPEMING — For some New Year’s Resolutions are about canceling debt, getting fit, or completing a life goal. Here at ABC Ten, the staff has a few resolutions of our own.

Sarah Mac says, “My New Year’s Resolution is to exercise more. I want to start living healthier, and I’ve already started eating better and cutting bad foods out of my diet, and I would like to exercise more. I’m going to do that by joining a gym. I think that if I invest in it financially, it’ll help me invest in it more emotionally and physically as well. So we’ll see how it goes this year.”

Andrew Lorinser says, “My little brother is forcing me to run the Boston Marathon 5k, so my New Year’s Resolution is to run at least three times a week, and I probably will not keep it.”

Caleb Scanlon says, “For 2016 I would like to drink a lot more water, and a lot less sugary beverages. I would like to continue to be there for my wife and step–son as we anticipate our baby girl, which is going to be born in about four months. And also I would like to be in more of Sam Ali’s opening jokes for his sports segments. Those are the kind of things I want to accomplish next year.”

Sam Ali says, “My New Year’s Resolution is I’m going to make more fun of my kids on air. I feel like they get off way too easy, and it’s tough love. That’s how I was raised.”

Katlin Connin says, “My New Year’s Resolution is to work on my graduate school application. I just finished my undergraduate in May and my education is really important to me so I really want to pursue that next level of education. So I’m going to be working really hard in the next couple of months to fill out my FAFSA and get the application in, and maybe find a couple letters of recommendation, and hopefully I can start in the fall.”

Steve Harris says, “New Year’s Resolution, the traditional resolution – weight loss, of course. Also I plan on going to Daytona for the 500 which I’ve been there before. I also plan on going to Truk in the South Pacific, my buddies home islands, and visit there. And there’s one other maybe: see a barber.”

Andy Kuhlie says, “My New Year’s Resolution this year is to catch all 150 Pok–e–Mon… Wait, what? There’s seven? Seven? There’s over 700 of them now? This is going to be a long year, I’m going to need some time.”